The Throne Wars

Throne Wars


The Throne Wars are a series of military campaigns that lasted from 1461 to 1466, the later years of the Great Interregnum, in which various factions faced each other over dominion over the Temerian empire.

The Throne Wars had a devastating effect over the Imperial Order, decimating many greathouses and leading to the complete collapse of House Agryn.

However, they settled the issue of Emperor Thorgrim‘ succession when High Marshall Arius took the Holy See and the King’s Summit hostage at Aldoradel, in 1465, forcing them to elect him King of the Temerians and Holy Illyrian Emperor.

In 1466, Arius’ forces faced a coalition of eight self-styled kings and led by their proclaimed Emperor, Szylla al’Naar, the last of the draedar pretenders, and defeated them at the battle of the Fields of Rilannon.

With no one strong enough to oppose his rule, Emperor Arius became the undisputed ruler of the Imperial Order, and by 1470, the nation had been pacified with a strengthen Legion constantly patrolling.