The Faceless Man

The world was void,

The populous and the powerful was a lump,
Seasonless, herbless, treeless, manless, lifeless—
A lump of death—a chaos of hard clay.

Lord Byron

The Stranger in Anvil

Barry the Butcher is the current name given to the illyrian Faceless Man, and the First Age Stranger. Even Collem Flintshire, the First of the Magi, doesn’t have a clue of the Faceless Man’s identity. He increasingly turns out to be the primary antagonist in the Final Ark, being the apparent leader (or at least high ranking member) of the Thirteenth Order.

Dantena van Torquaz investigated him, arresting the slayer, ser Bryce, – a nobleman who experimented ‘blood magic’ on whores. His motive was a lustful and sinful sexual attraction to deadkin, that disgusted Torquaz himself.

However, his origins are much more intricate than he believed, as a letter written in Old illyrian by the real killer, and ser Bryce, an accomplished elda’rei of the University, hadn’t earned the sin’dorei’s right to study dead languages. Therefore, Lord Torquaz believes the killer is still at large, while Bryce’s framing allowed to give evidence against the House of Red and Black, whose leaders incluted Bryce’s father – a fact probably known by the higher command of the Imperial Legion.

Ser Bryce Hollmjagen is sent to the Ashpile as a 4th Ky’ai Prisoner, awaiting his execution in the dungeon’s death row.

Dantena meets Ragnar hoff Hammerfell, a powerful magi elda sin’dorei, during the Aldemer Riots, and asks him by curiosity to translate the letter, which says: ”I am so close to succeed, and if you find me, I promise you to free you from her.”

There is no way for Ser Bryce Hollmjagen to have known of Dantena’s relation to this strange magi. Dantena starts to feel strange chills.

New murders occur in Peythralm, during an Interlude, the pale priest in charge of the autopsy of the corpse, sees it awaken into a demonic figure. He smiles, saying they have succeeded, and calls his superior to gather the court.

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