The Ashpit

Abandon all hope, you who enter here.

Dante Alighieri

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The dungeons of Cirpal , also known as ashpits, was once a major illyrian foundry before being converted during Emperor Qaralys’ rule into a massive imperial prison, in which the criminals suspected of first ky’ai crimes at the imperial level (such as serial murder and treason) are imprisoned, or awaiting execution.

The symbol of the darker times of imperial history, once containing Crimson Kings and necromancers, the ashpits fell from their ‘infamy’, becoming a maximal-security dungeon instead for bandit leaders, rogues and rebels.

They are infamous for their ‘phoenix ascent’ method of execution, which gives the opportunity of the sinner to walk a lava pit in order to make the climb up to the surface. Only the so-called ‘Savior of the World’ is announced to have such an ability, and was prophecied to be a sinner. However, it became an amusement for the Lord Wardens, House Bane, whose most recent head is Khordel Bane, a notorious sadist businessman.

Recent prisoners include:

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