Ser Bryce Hollmjagen

What men call gallantry, and gods adultery,
Is much more common where the climate ‘s sultry.

Lord Byron‘s Don Juan

The Contest's Champion

The baron Bryce van Hollmjagen hails from House Hollmjagen, a small knightly house sworn to the Kingdom of the West.

Dubbed Bryce the Galliant, he is considered extremely handsome and gifted, and is often described as the archetypical ‘Westernling golden boy’ who arrives poor at the capital and soon becomes one of its most beloved smallfolk figures.

A graduate of the Oaktree Community College of Witchcraft, he is considered one of the finest students of his promotion, even if known for his recklessness by his fellow elda’rei. He is also an able swordsman and a contestant in the Winter Contest.

Through sheer passion and determination, he worked his way to the finals, but most say his career will end when he faces Azriel the Bold, First Sword of the Order of the Rose. However, the smallfolk believes Bryce has a chance, and the gambling community is divided.

The marquis of Rubaron did bet 20,000 dragons and 2,000 phoenix on Bryce, to the general consternation.

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