Leovan al’Heartling

That the myths are divine can be seen from those who have used them. Myths have been used by inspired poets, by the best of philosophers, by those who established themysteries, and by the Gods themselves in oracles.


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Leovan al’Heartling, known to all as Leo, is an orphan boy from the Silver Hook village, inspired by a drunken pirate to become a legend in his own lifetime. Having failed six apprenticeships, his current master, a sailor, sells him to a circus manager who, in turn, hands him over to a disgraced hedge knight going by the name Bard.  A squire to this pathetic and fallen soldier, his dream of becoming the greatest living legend of the Third Age doesn’t seem close to become a reality.

But Leo’s enthusiasm and ability to convince people of his worth will change the face of the Imperial order. He hides a sinister secret.

Leo’s dreams make him live adventures of a mysterious figure known as the ‘Phoenix King’. While his knowledge of the world increases, his dreams become more coherent and consistant. In waking, a mysterious red mark on his arm starts to devour him and his hair have darkened. It takes a few hours before Leo can return to his ‘odd’ childish form.

He used to be part of a troup of minstrels – windrunners -, gifted with extraordinary musical talents and ability to live their stories.

A youth, Leo remembers his father, a renown minstrel who played for the greatest kings, finding the ‘secret’ of the origin of their people.

Soon after, the troup, his mother, father, grandmother and friends – were slaughetered by a band of killers with extraordinary powers, and Leo was spared because of their leader, a swordsman with silver hair, that believed ‘they’ needed to survive, for they were history.

Leo vowed to get revenge, but his travels across the Imperial order make him realize how many good men turned evil over flawed laws, and his judgement became nuanced.


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