Journal Entry: The Gathering

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The boot and shoe makers, either as shoemakers or “cordwainers,” have been the earliest and the most strenuous of American industrialists in their economic struggles. A highly skilled and intelligent class of tradesmen, widely scattered, easily menaced by commercial and industrial changes, they have resorted with determination at each new menace to the refuge of protective organizations.

John R. Commons

Gamorein is a member of the Flintshire Clan, and the Herald of the Gathering, a prestigious tourney occurring twice a year in the Imperial Capital City. Summer seasons of the Gathering are famous for their extravagance, but lack the quality of the Winter seasons, where the most experienced jousters compete under the eyes of the Orders’ grandmasters.

It is composed of exotic jousts, melee and duels.

Acting as its host and director, Gamorein has redesigned the ancient fighting arenas and outdated chivalric jousts into a massive series of fighting events where most glory-seekers compete for sponsors and the right to conquer the First Sword. Owners of a First Sword are considered among the best fighters in the ‘peaceful’ Empire.

Having investments all over the Imperial order, Gamorein is said to ‘own half of the tourneys in the Empire’. A sponsor of modern heroes, Gamorein used to be lord Torquaz‘s mentor when the latter gloriously won three Gatherings in a row.

Both men are tied by secret dealings, as Gamorein owes a few favours to the disgraced swordsman. He is currently trading with the Thyrian merchants, as civil war divides the southern free holds.

The entire Gathering is funded by the mysterious Flintshire Clan.

If you have already read up to The Office, discover a glimpse of the Gathering here


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