Imrik deva Rubaron

Would that the people had but one neck!


The Duke of Tyria

The marquis Imrik deva Rubaron, archduke of Tyria, Lord of the Fertile Realm, Warden of the South, Defender of the Roseroad, and Overseer of Chivalry, is the current head of state of the southern dominate.

Once a trusted ally to King Conrad von Fulgam and a key player in his cousin Godfrey‘s fall from dark power, he has grown increasingly paranoid since his ascent to marquisat, as the redcloak Bartholomew has confirmed Richard Frates, his father’s killer, acted protected by an unknown faction during the Summit of Kings.

By the end of Book I, Imrik, now fully estranged to Conrad, has sworn loyalty to his natural enemy, the Emperor, and called the banners after the House of Fulgam got framed by a mysterious werecat to have hired the kingslayer in 1455 and in more recent events.

His 100,000 strong army crossed the Sapphira river, and is now invading the Westernlands, Imrik claiming the ‘King of Albion’ riftwood crown once held by his ancestors, before Hawklanding was granted to King Elric by the Lord Founder.

During one of his military operations, Marquis Imrik made his finest knights tourney to taunt the besieged inhabitants of Ravenclaw, alongside his sister, his wife.

Visited by a man claiming to be a druid, Imrik was told to be ‘Sigmalion’ rebirth, the ‘Phoenix Ascending’ and the harbinger of the Fourth Age.

Unlike what many believed, the brat he used to be proved to be a genius at the arts of war, and took a third of the Westernlands within a few months.

However, the rise of the Bandit King in the east and the Bard-king of the Nords’ massive invasion of the South proved to halter King Imrik’s plans. Surprisingly, Imrik became obsessed with prophecies and is being charmed by a mysterious druid.

Since, reports indicate that Imrik made claims of divinity.