The Creation Wars

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The Creation Wars occurred during the 7th century of the Illyran calendar, ending precisely 700 years prior to the beginning of the main timeline, year 1477 of the same calendar. These series of cataclysmic battles shaped the ancient frontiers, ending with the Battle of Drael (800 and imperial Day of Honor) where the great hero Ismair valenKel defeated the Shadow’s champion, Shand al’Krul, one of the last preeminent crimson kings of the Draedar Empire and supposedly died closing the Final Ark, a mysterious device.

It is during that timeline that Every Ending Has A Beginning opens.

It follows POV: Kel (Ismair valenKel): a mysterious soldier of Illyrian ascent, worshiped in the modern age as a godlike savior ‘the Last Dragon’, who awakens in a war-torn countryside.

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  1. Stryga the Keshian (d): once Kel’ sworn enemy, he fights by his side during the Creation Wars. Slain by Shand.
  2. Shand (the Destroyer, Devourer of Kings) (d): Kel’s nemesis during the Creation Wars, and ‘crimson’ King of the Draedar, a lost civilization. He is now considered the Devil in the modern age. Slain by Kel.
  3. Arathor (the Bold) (d): Magi and former acquaintance of Kel, responsible for his awakening in the modern age. Slain by Kel under the Black Temple.