The Hunt of Sinistros

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POV: Lord Watcher Dantena van Torquaz; a former dashing swordsman, now agent of the Empire’s Night Watch, he is flayed and immortal, surviving thanks to potions and awaiting death.

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His household:

  • Crook, Dantena’s undead dog.
  • Sixtina van Torquaz, Dantena’s little sister, the ‘Jewel of the West’, renown for her beauty.
  • Florian, his lordship’s squire.
  • Antoinette, his lordship’s apprentice and partner in the Night Watch.
  • Clement, his lordship’s latest protegé.
  • Dantena’s wife and son (d)
  • Sigismund van Torquaz, his father.
  • Arleone van Torquaz, his brother.

The Night Watch

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  • Lord Major Sebastian van Melogre, senior officer of the Night Watch in the Crownlands and former underling of Dantena van Torquaz during the Keshian Wars, pardoned war criminal.
  • Sandor, the House of Wanders’ gatekeeper, a dim-witted hunchback.

The Gathering

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Gamorein, former soldier during the Keshian Wars, employee of the Flintshire Clan and Herald of the Gathering, the Known World’s most famous tourney.


Ser Melrag, a drunken, slightly above average swordsman from the Forestlands.

  • Borothar of the Forest, squire and apprentice swordsman of Ser Melrag.
    • Wellington Vale, a mysterious traveler, member of the Kingsman Brotherhood. Borothar’s role model.
  • Kiba, Borothar’s pet wolfdog.

Elijah Sarak’j, a skilled swordsman, tangled with the syndicates.

Morgan Flintshire, daughter to the Flintshire Patriarch and skilled warrior of her own right, she is hunted by the syndicates.

Avalan Den, a skilled knight and jouster, aims to kill the Kingslayer Richard Frates to avenge his father.

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Bryce van Hollmajen, a highly popular jouster and practionner of Torquaz’s Ravenclaw style of swordsmanship.


Imrik of Rubaron, highborne from the Thyrian principality, having an incestuous affair with his sister Erika, one of the fairest women in the south.

Saint Rohan, an androgynous statesman hiding under various disguises (a jester in 1477, a trickster in 1453, a member of the Imperial Guard at all times).

Lord Marshall Wallace, a legendary military commander and butcher of the old wars.

The Imperial City’s Underworld

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Baron Greyfallow, one of the Four Lord of Shadows, and powerful outlaw kingpin, an informant to the Citadel.

  • Thomas Kent, former Second Ky’ai Magus and alchemist for the Greyfallow crime family.

Gerart van Greyfallow, a corrupt Imperial noble, influential consul of the Hemicycle of Lords.

The Imperial City’s Citadel

Lord Captain Arthur Paragon, an idealist and reformed war criminal from Kesh who leads the Citadel and the City Watch in the Crownlands, also Jailor of the Alethor Asylum.

Aveline, Lord Torquaz’s former fiancée whom he humiliated, knight of the Iron Order. Consultant of the Watch.

Inmates of the Alethor Asylum, the institute located underneath the Citadel:

Magda al’Balgruf (the pale rider): a highly skilled blood magic-user, bound and gagged in Dragonclay in the Alethor Asylum, former lieutenant of the Dark Marquis, serving life sentence.

  • Ghodfrost van Lubaqq, infamous as the ‘Dark Marquis‘ (d): feudal warlord and strongest magician of the modern age, slain during his own Heresy. Childhood friend of Dantena van Torquaz.

Nerus Marks, Glenn Rwat, and Babette von Edalav: inmates of the Alethor Asylum, all serving life sentence after being arrested by Dantena van Torquaz.

Westerlings, lord Torquaz’s homelanders

Conrad von Fulgam, High King of Temeros, Lord Protector of the Westerlands. Childhood friend of Dantena van Torquaz.

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  • Otto von Fulgam (d), late High King of Temeros, slain in single combat by Ithildir Merethil.
  • Ithildir Merethil, the ‘god of the sword’, the deadliest swordsman of all three ages.

Other heroes

The Kingslayer, a folkloric villain who allegedly killed a hundred kings and the former emperor, his identity is known to a handful and is widely speculated.

Norman Daegoln, the Empire’s greatest hero, in Saint Rohan’s custody at the Smiling Gleeman’s inn for harlequins.

The Imperial Guard once symbolized the absolute might of the Imperial Order, comprised of its five grandmaster-level Kyai Knights. It was put to the test when the Kingslayer faced them during the Slaying of Kings.

Its known historical members are Saint AlethorSaint Ithildir and Saint Logan. Its known current members include Lady Commander Rhodes and Saint Rohan.

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