Codex Entry: The Flintshire Brewery (Headquarters)

Beware an act of avarice; it is bad and incurable disease.



Flintshire Brewery



The Flintshire Brewery is the main headquarters of the Flintshire Brewery chain of buildings, and is located at the Two-Rivers free hold, at the Riverlands/North Pole frontier. It is a touristic attraction, but the brewery itself is only accessible to a very small private circle, an honoured and prized right known as Club Membership. The buildings and their infrastructures are owned by Collem Flintshire and the staff is mainly composed of members of the Flintshire Cartel.

Like very establishment owned by the Flintshire Cartel, the Three Laws are rigorously applied:

  • Brewery neutrality, no blood shall be shed in a Flintshire establishment.
  • Magic free, no magic shall be used by members
  • Staff is absolute, a Flintshire Cartel member’s word is without appeal

Anyone breaking the rules within a Flintshire establishment faces the revocation of his or her membership, equivalent to death sentence: being sealed in the Brewery’s attics by the local Staff.