Codex Entry: Richard Frates

  • Be not hasty in thy spirit to be angry: for anger resteth in the bosom of fools
Ecclesiastes 7:9.

Rick  is the assumed identity used by the legendary ”Assassin of Kings” Richard Frates. His horse Bastard, an old breed of Illyrian horses known for their longevity, was his only companion of his life ever since Richard deserted the Wars of Conquest, being branded a oathbreaker with a nearly mythical status.

Along with the heroic league known as the Band of the Hawk, he accomplished the greatest wonders of the Third Age, but later deserted the group, and is widely remembered, by foes and allies alike, as the greatest swordsman of all time, with a unmatched use of combat magic. The ‘perfect killing machine’, King Destrega the Greater knows Frates as a man of ‘sheer willpower, demonic drive and divine luck”.

He is believed to be the harbinger of disasters prophesied by the heretical cult and magic-worshipers known as the ‘eldar’nei’, according to an old legend.

Visited by an old friend of his, Richard remembers the horrors of war, and tells him his desired return will announce the end of this age.

His feats are remembered, and generations of kings succeeded themselves, growing fearing the folkloric outlaw known as “the Angel of Night”, and the “Kingslayer”. The royal maxim goes: “Rule wisely and kindly, or the Kingslayer will get you…”.

Feared like one of the most powerful users of the Fire Style of the School of Destruction, Richard Frates earned his reputation of deadly fighter when he single-handly took down the Palace of Kings at the Holy City of Aldoradel, killing all the attending kings and their kingsguards,  killing two Imperial Guards, slaying Emperor Thorgrim Agryn in single combat. Furthermore, he is responsible of killing a hundred wolfskin during the Kovanni Rebellion. Alongside eight others, renown as the Band of the Hawk, he infiltrated the Keshian Holy City of Shimeh, and opened the gates for the Imperial forces, before vanishing in the aftermath of the battle, widely believed to have died.

After Crowned Prince of the Ironlands, Destrega the Lesser, a notorious bandit leader reviled as a fearsome swordsman and battle commander, raided his village and killed Mayor Greyfallow and Bastard, ‘Rick’ was given three days to leave the village.

Entering his attic and opening the Obsidian Gate with his conjuration skills, ‘Rick’ collected his old belongings, and went into a wild rage, vowing to kill Destrega the Lesser personally, even if he had to burn down a kingdom.

His first stop on his vengeful quest is the Flintshire Brewery, owned by Collum Flintshire, the First of the Magi, and reunited with Tel’Sian, a past love interest and fierce northern huntress, along with her sisters Megara and Morgane.

Welcomed within the Brewery’s halls, the Kingslayer met face-to-face with brewing tycoon Collum Flintshire, asking him of the political situation of the Imperial Order, in order to understand how much chaos he will spread by destroying House Stormfyldd. Collum tells him to beware of his old friend Norman Daegoln, and also of the Prime Order, still searching for him.

Rhodan Gibbet, a rival assassin, warned Richard to also fear the Brotherhood, who remembers his betrayal. However, Gibbet respects the Brewery’s neutrality’s law.