Codex Entry: Norman Daegoln

“Repetition does not transform a lie into a truth.”

Franklin D. Roosevelt


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Norman Daegoln is an old acquaintance of Richard Frates, who knows of his kingslaying habits. Once closest friends, both men are now bitter rivals: Frates is feeling ashamed of the atrocities they committed for the sake of glory, while Daegoln is apparently enjoying his legendary status, evidenced by his gentleman’s attire.

He is known to be extremely versatile in most of the five polymorphism arts, being dubbed “the Stranger”. He is an extremely skilled duelist using a one-handed ‘needle’ that is reputed as fast as lightning.

BookI- The Thirteenth Order

A master shapeshifter revered by allies and foes alike ‘the Stranger’ and ‘the Hero of a Thousand Faces’, he is contracted by King Destrega the Greater to track down Richard Frates and kill him. Norman has confirmed he accepted the hit, and has sent his best hunters after the Kingslayer.

When Deregoln the Valliant asks his father if Norman is up for the task, he answers that Daegoln is the one that ended the al’Krul dynasty with with his golden eye during the Throne Wars, thus crowning Arius the Usurper in the process.

At the Oaktree Community College of Sorcery, Leo learns that the best students of the university were Richard Frates, his own benefactor, and Norman Daegoln, rumored to have moved to the Silver Bow University because of his tuitions that earned him the epithet ‘Silvertongue’.

Walking a prosperous land known as the Westernlands, Umaril the Red asks a broke hedge-knight the following question:

“Who are the mightiest heroes in the land?” to which the vagabond replies: “You can argue on which grandmaster or which Imperial Guard beats who and you’ll never know, but I say Daegoln. I was there when he killed the Last Crimson King in a fair fight.”

Umaril reduces the mercenary to ashes and bones by looking at him with his pure ‘Red-Eyes’, before claiming there is no other Crimson King than him now that Shand is dead. He says he has a new purpose: “If they don’t take me seriously, I’ll show them the true power of the al’Krul and kill this false-champion and this usurper.”

Sent by their father to ensure that Richard would remain anonymous, Morgane, Tel’Sian and Megara pay a visit to Norman at the Daegoln Orphanage for Gifted Youth, and notice the vial-sensitive children he helps survive. Tel’Sian suspects Norman to try to build a new Band of the Hawk, to which Morgane says it is a lost cause.

Surprisingly, Norman falls in love with Megara, the most inept of the three Flintshire sisters, calling her ‘a princess of winter and beauty’. He begs her to marry him. Megara replies her father will never agree, and such thought is dangerous. Morgane doesn’t trust Norman. Privately, she tells him she always thought of him as vain and always despised his debaucheries, deeming his ‘orphanage’ and ‘plans’ a way to boost his ego and erase his demons. Snapping, Norman slaps her and tells her to remember what happens to people who anger him. Morgane notices the ‘demon eyes’ that replaced his, but answers by binding him with arcane. She replies that even if she understands the ‘evil’ that lives in him, she is happy that he remained as pathetic as before. The Flintshire sisters leave but Megara affirms Norman is the most handsome man she ever saw, seeing a ‘pure’ light in him.

It is increasingly revealed that the hunters he sent after the Kingslayer are actually his younger brothers, sent to facilitate Richard’s progression towards his goals, with Norman himself helping Richard escape the Pits of Hashin’s Wardens.

Slightly awakened to the man he used to be, Richard doesn’t forgive Norman for all his crimes but thanks him, nonetheless. Norman asks him if it was worth coming out if it is to rush to a certain death. The Kingslayer answers that unlike Norman he will be punished for his own crimes, and that he finally feels alive, ever since his parents’ death, and has a reason to die, telling him his legacy is in Norman’s hands. Richard adds that if he sees himself in his gift and makes amends by taking care of it, then they will be even.

After the fall of Amyr and the declaration of war between Conrad von Fulgam and the duke of Tyria (and thus Emperor Arius himself), Leo knocks at the door of the address his master told him to go, the Daegoln Orphanage for Gifted Youth at the capital city of Peythralm. Welcomed by Norman himself, Norman asks Leo to show him his eyes, and both their eyes turn red – Leo witnesses Norman entering a mad rage when Morgane when she revealed that she loved Richard. Out of this exchange, Leo collapses and Norman cries blood.

Understanding that the demon-child is Richard’s legacy, Norman takes Leovan al’Krul at his new chambers, followed by a young and beautiful girl named Sokka, and tells her that a new promising student has joined the newly founded Band of the Hawk.

Meeting his hunchback valet Quasimir, Norman tells him to write to King Conrad, and that his newest army shall soon be ready. Watching a red comet in the sky, Norman believes the odds are in their favour, despite the threat the Fulgams are facing.

Gazing at the red comet in the sky, Umaril the Red and his pet slaves arrive at the Imperial city, that was once called Aldorel, the city that the Redlord was supposed to take with his father Shand, a thousand years ago. He vows to kill Daegoln and Arius, and all those who wronged his now-estranged dynasty.

Book II – The Wild Hunt

He is visited by Kel and Tel’Sian, the former recognizing Leo’s ‘aura’ – similar to Kel. His Band of the Hawk was commissionned by Collem Flintshire, Daegoln’s mentor and master once known as Astannir valenKel. Kel refuses to meet with the inkeeper tycoon, but he is confronted by Daegoln and Umaril – thus awakening the Destroyer.

Shand takes over Kel permanently and they all agree to meet with Flintshire. Daegoln is serving as Flintshire’ second-in-command and is charged in facing a secret council of magicians – the Thirteenth Order. Flintshire tasks the Band of the Hawk to locate the Final Ark, open it, and find ‘Shand’s body’.

Leading the party comprised of - Shand, Leo, Tel‘Sian, Malthan, and Flintshire himself – they have to cross the Keshian Border and go far est to Kalishores. They are hunted down by the Wild Hunt who want to capture Leo and Shand.