Codex Entry: Morgane

There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion.

Francis Bacon


Morgane is the eldest daughter of Collem Flintshire and the bastard daughter of Lady Serena van Torquaz, and youngest half-sister of Dantena van Torquaz from her maternal side, and elder half-sister of  MegaraTel’Sian and three mentioned others.

She is a skilled sorceress, and an elite Third ky’ai of the Prime Order where she trained alongside Richard Frates and Norman Daegoln. She is currently having a relationship with fearsome ranger Avalen Den, which amuses Frates for he considered Den a ‘boyish and weaker him’.

Frates and Norman both sought her affections, but she turned them both away, never taking Daegoln seriously, while she secretly loved Richard for years, but believed him too chaotic. He claims to have become a First Ky’ai to prove her he was worth marrying. She took it as a sign of his childishness. The inseparable trio became estranged with the Novingard Terror in which Richard Frates took part, revealing his allegiance towards the Brotherhood.

They all reunited in the aftermath of the Terror and the Slaying of Kings, all gathering in Hawklanding by King Conrad who was seeking allies in his quest to forge an unlikely band of heroes. They became members of the original Band of the Hawk, along with three unnamed others, all ‘freaks in terms of skill’ recalls Norman Daegoln.

The first nine Hawkmen became well-known during the Wars of Conquest, and despite their failure there and the resignation of Dantena and the ‘death’ of Richard, the group remained active and recruited new members, such as Avalan Den. Depressed because of Richard’s disappearance, Morgane found comfort with Avalan, whom remembered her of Frates. They had a stillborn child named Richard.

The Kovanni Rebellion broke and Morgane was called by her father at the Flintshire Brewery to meet the fake twins Megara and Tel’Sian, and she remained there ever since, allowed to visit Norman at the Dark Land Abbey once a year, busy working on her father’ selfish Cause.

When she realises Richard is alive and had an affair with her favourite sister, Tel’Sian, she doesn’t interfere, respecting the youthful woman’s emotions, but begins to secretly hate Richard, trying her best to avoid him for all his betrayals.

When Richard tries to kiss her, she slaps him and draws her magic out, threatening to ‘end him’ permanently so he doesn’t have to run anymore.

At the moment, Richard leaves the Brewery, she still wishes him luck, but begs him never to return so she can move on, but the Kingslayer refuses to make a promise he cannot ever again.