Codex Entry: Megara

The church combats passion by means of excision of all kinds. Its practice, its remedy is castration. It never inquires, “How can a desire be spiritualized, beautified, deified.” In all ages it has laid the weight of discipline in the process of extirpation. The extirpation of sensuality, pride, lust of dominion, lust of property, and revenge. But to attack the passions at the roots means attacking life itself at its source. The method of the church is hostile to life.

Friedrich Nietzsche

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Megara, privately named Meg, is Collem Flintshire‘s youngest daughter and archrival to her sister Tel’Sian.

Like her sisters, she had to endure their father’s abuse, but unlike Morgane and Tel’Sian, she has embraced the Brewery‘s cause, and is often conflicted between her duty to the business and her own morality. Appearing humourous and lustful, being the most notorious lover of the three for having fucked half of the Imperial Order’s heroes, she is in fact the most emotionally devastated, and she is notorious for being kidnapped in order to harm her love interests. Her father has encouraged her behaviour, calling it a ‘great qualit of a damsel in distress’ that his clients rely upon to fill their virtuous egos.

Like all of the Flintshire sisters, she loved Richard Frates, but sees the current him more as a weakling than a hero. She loves to toy with his affections, and jokingly thwarts Tel’Sian attempts to reunite with him as a joke.