Codex Entry: Lord Founder

I do not steal victory.

Alexander the Great


Lord Founder Sigmalion Merethil



Sigmalion Merethil, widely remembered in history as the Lord Founder, is the first Emperor of the unified kingdoms of the First Age, and the harbinger of the Second Age. He is one of the father founders of the Imperial Order, the current superpower of the Third Age.

According to various sources, he was alledgly mentored by the semi-legendary magician Astannir valen Kell – however, the latter’s very existence is not deemed canonical by the Dagger of Aldoradel. Canonically, he has ascended godhood upon death, and is worshiped as the God Emperor.

According to the Holy See, Sigmalion is the Phoenix Ascended, which is reborn every age to bring a great change to the world. Many have claimed to be the Phoenix Reborn, but so far only Qaralys the Great has been canonically approved by the Red Cloaks when the Third Age began. Usurpers who haven’t performed any miracles are dubbed ‘Living Scourges’.

In current events, Collem Flintshire, a notorious and eccentric brewing tycoon claiming various mythological identities (such as Astannir valen Kell himself), has laid claim to have killed Sigmalion Merethil on a whim, using a ‘firearm’. Many historians contest this extravagant claim while the Holy See directly discredits Flintshire, branding him a liar and an apostate.