The Last Dragon

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POV: Kel (Ismair valenKel): a mysterious soldier of Illyrian ascent, worshiped in the modern age as a godlike saviour ‘the Last Dragon’, who awakens in a war-torn countryside. He turned into a dragon.

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Aveline Flintshire, a highborne human with the ability to use High Magic, and the real Sinistros Slayer that Kel saves from Dantena’s curse.

Voris (minor POV), the white rider and the first of the Dark Marquis’ lieutenants, imprisoned for life in the Jagged Mountain. Awakens High Magic by meditating into the Fog during Kel’s emergence, he escapes captivity.

  • Lady Isabella von Fulgam (d), a highborne from the Fiery Order and Voris’s jailress. She is thrown into Voris’ cell with a fellow knight, and left to starve to death.