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Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.


Once upon a time, there had been a prince with a lustful appetite… ‘He who abducted the Emperor’s daughter sparked the deadliest crusade of all, the Keshian Wars…”

Having achieved his inspection of the fallen, Norman Daegoln calmly walked down the cave’s rocky roads, down towards the pond. Burning smoke irriated from it, blazing an infernal heat the closer the knight and his squire approached it. Norman himself struggled to breathe, hence imagining the efforts mustered by Borothar, who crawled down on his knees as soon they reached the lower cave.

I assume I have given Borothar a large portion of my power… He has unfortunately no clue of how to use it… 

However, Norman reckoned the boy had performed well considering the pressure he had been put into despite his inexperience. Or was it maybe his impudence? For reasons more and more obvious, Norman began understanding that his squire had missed most of the events occuring in this cave. Hence, it explained his lack of fascination for him, where other squires would have killed for his tutelage…


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