“This is the story of fallen heroes and triumphant cutthroats. The tale of hideous magic and wicked chivalry. It is the chronicle of Mid-World, where the gathering of kingdoms is at the mercy of an almighty and malevolent universe. This is the song of the Last Dragon who navigates an unlikely band of inglorious vagabonds towards the relentless apocalypse.”

After failing his Epic Quest, Dantena van Torquaz is considered an Evil Overlord by most. Despite his hideous appearance that Lord Voldemort and Darth Vader would tremble to behold, Dantena is one of the most virtuous servants of the Imperial Order, the corrupt Empire that leads the Civilized World.

In a context of political turmoil, lord Torquaz is Called Back to Adventure after discovering the trail of the betrayer who sparked his Downfall during the Great Wars. This Grim “Lawful Neutral” Dark Lord, Dantena van Torquaz, has no idea that hunting down this semi-legendary regicide would lead to the depths of the world, in a post-medieval world where they say: Dragons are dead.

The cast of characters is fairly vast but is frequently updated with an  available encyclopedia. A detailed magic system also drives the main storyline, obeying a strict and insane set of rules. Being a satisfying mixture of world history, Greek mythology and ancient folklore, it also contains the grimdark realism of postmodern fantasy works, as The Final Ark is essentially a child’s dream coming alive, hiding many easter eggs and tributes to the limitless genre.

Furthermore, I am a newcomer to the crafts of creative writing. Under the guidance of The Innkeeper, I shall keep editing the content to assure you, esteemed reader, of an optimal quality. This fantasy shall be weekly updated for five years at the very least. Currently, Pinterest content is displayed on this online platform, but I will remove it if I ever happen to earn some money from this work. However, it is not my current preoccupation.

I wish you good fortune in the wars to come and an enjoyable read. Again, thank you esteemed reader, for without you this wouldn’t be half as fun.

This text is being constantly enhanced and all the artwork comes from Pinterest. Feel free to join us on Facebook and on the Web Fiction Guide’s official listings.

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