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The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.

Keyser Soze

After staring at the sun, the hooded rider estimated that noon barely past. Breaking his mount, he gazed at the Thyrian Monts. Magnificent, these green valleys and rocky hills had been witnesses of great events across the ages. Centuries ago, the ancient Khurelai barbarians would cross the mountains to challenge the Civilized Hegemons, such as Illyra. Today, they ignited the fire of Rubaron’s people, one of the few princedoms to survive the Era of Crusades. Howling upon the clean grass, the wind refreshed the rider. Soon, he would have reached Hearthstone and the only man alive capable of taking him down, back then; when he, who now rides hooded, used to call himself Dantena van Torquaz.

In front of him, a furixian titan’s skull dominated the golden hills. These old breed of gigantic creatures was still existent in these wild and open areas and Titanslayers made fortunes out of the ivory of their bones. Guilds such as the Flintshires and the Eastern Kingdoms Company would give good money for a sample of this skull. Thinking, Dantena decided avoiding the Flintshire Cartel, since Gamorein, who worked for them as a the Gathering grandmaster, had a strong grudge towards him after arresting Brian Greyfallow, his most promising investment. The Flintshire patriarch has lost money because of me. On the other hand, Warrick, the Eastern Kingdoms Company’s lawyer, used to cover the Greyfallow family and disturbing the Imperial city’s underworld must have given a heavy bow to the corporation’s income. Still. Titanic ivory was worth looting. That was, alas, a fact.

The Sinistros kept pointing towards Kesh… Everything connects, the wars, the victors, Rohan and of course… the Kingslayer.

Left thoughtful, Dantena began considering where to establish a camp. Considering how these mountains hosted fugitives who fled Imperial justice, he decided it was probably worth not stopping until Hearthstone. After all, he was immortal. Still, the Roseroad Incident had occurred very close 7 years ago. Many men died because of his past investigations. Therefore, Dantena was aware that Lord Theodius still lurked, at the head of the Iron Company, an army of deserters who sold their particular viciousness to the Southern Princedoms. And if the real Sinistros is as smart and skilled as he was in Peythralm, he’s out there too… Both are a score to settle.

Preparing to, Dantena and his mount were suddenly stumbling, a blasting wind suddenly snapping their enthusiasm.

Struggling to rise his red eyes towards the sky, he saw a dragon.

Like the feared beasts from the stories, this dragon had appeared along a raging wind and would defintely vanish away. For once, the man known as Dantena van Torquaz knew his eyes must have been containing fear when he fell. This wasn’t a fear he would have enjoyed like a thrill of battle. This was beyond dread and confusion, this was primal fear.

Like deers who once fled his arrows, he was a boy facing the legends he wanted to walk with. Such as boy who dreamt of war and discovered a soldier shitted himself when killed. Desperately trying to charge away, Dantena didn’t see the clouds when his horse unseated him, for he was now burning under the heating flames which rained from the dark clouds.

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