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Aldous Huxley

Ismair valenKel was a semi-legendary Star King of the Old Illyrian Imperium, the 4th Warmaster of the Creation Wars. Apprentice to Lucius nar’Amonaga alongside Narau viBrutii, he chose his father’s faction during the First Wizarding War. His greatest accomplishments as a military commander include his successful leadership in the 17 BCW (old Illyrian calendar) Kalishorian Wars and his decisive victory against the protodraedar in Shyrpal in 3 BCW.

Considered by Imperial and Temerian scholars to rank as one of the greatest military commanders of all time, Ismair Kel stands out as one of the Three Keshian Martial Lords, as his legendary career was modernized by Wellington Vale, a famous Aeirn minstrel, in his ballads. He is essentially worshiped as a demigod, with most suspecting he has survived the Creation Wars after his closing of the Final Ark.

In recent events, the 1477 Call of Fenris saw the first witnessed evidence of Kel’s theorized survival in an aged and magically insane barbarian in Duke Imrik’s custody.

Read Brave New World, part.2


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