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The town of Hearthstone is a stable fortified city designed for trading by the princedom of Rubaron, and was built upon the Tarasque Rock.

In the year 1477, immediately following the Burning of the Arcane of Peythralm and the Summer Gathering finals which held the 1477 Agreement between the League of Thyria and the Imperial order, Avalan Den has been arrested, suspected of being the infamous Kingslayer, who is also Dantena van Torquaz’s target.

Also, a dragon is on its way, leaving genocide in his burning wake.

It exposes the existence of many other Factions apart from the Imperial Order:

  • The Princedoms of Thyria, independent states ruled by young dynasties, such as the House of Rubaron ruled by Imrik and his sister Erika, kin to Godfrey, the Dark Marquis.
  • The Kingdom of Temeros, the world’s first military might who can muster the largest host of spellcasters. Ruled by King Conrad von Fulgam.
  • The Greater Kyai Orders, a dozen of military orders feared for their practice of magic and whose grandmasters are sovereigns in their domain. They often come at odds with monarchs and the Church, but their use is significant in both peace and wartimes.
  • The Kingdom of Aeirn, with the greatest mastery of the seas with a history of raiding and fine traders.
  • The Seafolk, tribes who are aligned with the Imperial Order and whose navigation skills rival the Aeirnians.
  • The Kingdom of Gisgo, a coalition of warring baronies which are united by their faith and dependance of the Church of Eternal Fire. Recently, House Stormfyldd has aligned with the Iron Order and by that alliance has unified Gisgo under the banner of the griffin. Their knights are considered the most skilled in the Civilized World.
  • Kesh, the great enemy of the Church of Eternal Fire, nothing yet was revealed on them except that Dantena van Torquaz has failed to defeat them…
  • The Wild Hunt, a ghostly army of dead riders who has entered folklore with the effervescence of gleemen in the last decade. It was headed by Godfrey van Lubac, the Dark Marquis who has rebelled against the Imperial Order and was crushed at the battle of Hestavian by Conrad von Fulgam’s cavalry.
  • Avalan Den, prisoner branded Forsaken
    • Steiner Fritz and Emilio, his Daylight jailers, knights of the Eleventh Order
    • Thorgis (d), the “wolf’s bane” and a skilled swordsman, role model to Avalan Den, killed in Ashtown of the plague
    • Philip Lancaster, First kyai of the Redcloaks and Avalen Den’s confessor, a renown torturer whose skill with a chain whip is second to none
      • Voris, Philip’s secret master and a fugitive, General of the Wild Hunt and the Dark Marquis’s favourite disciple and successor
  • Zephyr Sarak’j, a pirate king and sealord, one of the Seven Black Masses
    • Elijah Sarak’j, a relative to Zephyr and a former enemy of Avalan Den, his whereabouts are unknown
      • Morgane Flintshire, his associate and lover, a member of the Flintshire sisterhood
  • Norman Daegoln, the most celebrated career hero of his time known for his wits and “silvertongue“, whose “golden-eye” allows him to remain undefeated.
    • Asral, one of his bachelors and most gifted apprentices
    • Borothar, his latest squire with a mischievous personality
  • Dantena van Torquaz, a deserter from the Night’s Watch who is believed dead even if he is widely known as an immortal wraith, servant of the Emperor, and unfortunate Protagonist of this tale
    • Doll, a girl he has saved from
    • The Werestag of Rubaron, a monster from fairy tales who haunts battlefields, devouring the agonising soldiers
  • Saint Rohan, an imperial trickster and statesman, member of the Imperial Guard
  • Emperor Arius, a usurper who has ascended the Frozen Throne upon the regicide of Emperor Thorgrim (d)
    • Elena (d), Thorgrim’s daughter whose death has sparked Dantena’s disgrace, the latter’s lover
  • Theodius Oursifer, a disgraced Emperor and warlord, leader of the Iron Compagny, a band of bandits
    • Theodran Oursifer, his battle-worn son
    • Father Ralph (d), a drunken priest who served in the Iron Company
    • Father Ralph’s grandaughter (d), a mad wench
    • Aveline Flintshire, the Sinistros Slayer who has associated with Theodius Oursifer, working her own dark ends…
    • Many nameless outlaws with lives and tragedies…
    • A toad monster who is hunting them down…
    • A pound of burning power
  • Richard Frates, the kingslayer and First Kyai of the Prime Knights and of the Brotherhood of Assassins, a living legend who has faded as Rick, a humble tavern-keeper with a fiery temper and ginger hair.
    • Old Bastard, his 200 years old mule and a tough old beast with great stubbornness
    • Sybille, a succubus and Rick’s ward, she wants him dead and tries to seduce him in order to burn his flesh
    • Gunner“, a creature that has nothing of a human and pretends to be a vagrant tinker
  • Destrega van Stormfyldd, the Lesser, second son to King Destrega the Greater and a bachelor to the Iron Order as Sixth Kyai
    • Joanna van Wallace, his promised and heiress to the Tarasque holdings in Gisgo
    • Cecilia van Stormfyldd, his 8 years old sister meant for beauty and murder
  • Nicolai, a lowborn sorcerer with great pride
  • Geoffroy van Wallace, nephew to Lord Marshal Wallace and knight of Gisgo, heirless and mediocre
    • A nameless gleeman whose actual name was Tom Ire, a disciple of Wellington Vale, the famed minstrel and former magician.

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