Esteemed colleague,

After a few chaotic weeks, I have rushed through the last few scenes in order to keep schedule. This is a new exercice for me, and it is more challenging than I thought, especially considering my martial practice in China.

I am pleased with the result, despite grammatical mistakes, spelling errors and some Frenglish. However, I was offered help from two wonderful human beings, my German friend and my Australian rolemodel (a badass girl) who have agreed to assist me in editing the text. So be reassured, everything shall be fixed.

As I have mentioned in the homepage, the serial is meant to last very long. As for now, I plan a five years run. In the future, I willupgrade the content as I am constantly improving as a writer.

Here is a picture of my friends in China, where we journeyed to the Qinqdao city to compete in Kung fu forms. I act as the king, it was meant as a joke but it is also a funny picture that I associate with pleasant memories. These include the redaction of The Wars to come, my finest chapter so far (in my opinion).

Below is the Death Squad! Thanks to Quicksilver and Wolverine for inspirying Torquaz!


Read the full Noble and Gallant arc here

Very soon, a new arc shall be released. It shall be titled The Call of Fenris.

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