Never do anything against conscience even if the state demands it.

Albert Einstein

The upcoming Call of Fenris features two POVS, Leovan al’Heartin as protagonist and Dantena van Torquaz as deuteragonist. Their respective quests tie the story together in one arc which culminates with the Raid on Hearthstone…

A brief synospis:

Moonlight causes paranoia in the Red Country, especially since a mysterious shapeshifter had appeared in the Fog and killed a king. Sovereings all accross the Imperial Order suspect each other, rallying between two main alliances. Returning to his homeland, Dantena van Torquaz is forced into his old childhood friend’s service: the leader of one of the alliances, the Temerian king. As Dantena faces off the criminal guilds that plague the Westernlands, he will eventually hunt down the kingslayers, after robbing them from a secret that could put a brutal end to feudality.

In the red wasteland covered by a magical Dust, a young boy is animated by wild rage since he has vowed to kill a dragon. He tries to form a folkoric band of heroes, but faces a world where nobody believes in magic…


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