Aldous Huxley

In the first three pages of the Final Ark story, you followed Kel, a mysterious soldier afflicted with social anxiety who fights a major battle.

Awakening centuries later., Kel is one the verge of understanding that the decisive battle he participated at forged the nations now federated by the Imperial Order. Venered as a god and lost in his allegiances, Kel recalls the aftermath of his battle with Shand, his conflict with Sigmalion Merethil, and their joint assault upon the fortress of Shyrpal.

In the twisted present, Kel encounters the serial killer known as Sinistros and both undercover a large military conspiracy. While fleeing the Imperial army, Kel enters a berserk rage, one that shatters the land.

This Brave New World interlude arc is divided in two chapters, Old Gods and New Devils. Their goal is to launch the main story arc, while carving the path for a new hero to rise… and Dantena van Torquaz to return.

It shall be released next weed end, as part of the launching of the Call of Fenris Arc.

I allow you to witness its writing process, and communicate with me through email or Facebook. I am open for suggestions, and the fastest to contact me shall be garanteeded a free ebook of The Noble and the Gallant, refined edition.

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