Dear reader,

The first arc in the Kingslayer Sequence is on the verge of being achieved. It is composed of roughly 150 pages of a printed novel.

The story is titled The Noble and the Gallant. It is set in a fictional capital city of a larger commonwealth of kingdoms, the Imperial Order. This Imperial City is the symbol of order and peace, where the Highborne live, protected by day by the Citadel and the Legion, and by night is served the Night’s Watch. Indeed, a military curfew is mandatory everywhere in the Imperial Order, for a supernatural fog rises at night, bringing with it some sinister forces. This story follows Dantena van Torquaz, a former dashing swordsman and magician turned into a meaningless wraith working as enforcer for the Night’s Watch. The reader is invited to join his investigation of a mysterious serial killer, whose murder spree disturbs the tourneys of heroes also taking place during the storyline. Progressing in the inner workings of the Imperial Order, Dantena van Torquaz is facing old foes and new traitors in a cruel world of intrigue and political strife.

The story is rated R and contains violence, drug use, gambling and prostitution mentions, graphic language and nudity, but is never gore for the sake of gore. 

  • You are welcome to begin Dantena’s descent into the underworld here

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